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Fri 16th Mar 2018 - 8:45am Wicked Gaming New Player Hearthstone

It have been quiet for some time concerning the Hearthstone section, but now we are back with 2 great players who both will get there Wicked Gaming debut at Copenhagen Games later this month.

The two players are Lukas "Yukazo" Blegvad Gahms Andersen and Anton "Dvck" Lund, we had a talk with them, so here you have the chance to learn more about who they are..

1/ Hi and welcome to Wicked Gaming, we would like to know more about both of you, so let`s start with the beginning, how long have you been playing Hearthstone?

Yukazo: Thanks, I`m really happy to be a part of the organization. I started playing Hearhtstone about 1 1/2 year ago, so i`m fairly new to the game contrary to many of the other professionals.

Dvck: Thank you. I started playing Hearthstone in 2014, just after Naxx was released. I since took a long break, and just started playing again in August 2017.

2/ When did you decide to take it to the next level

Yukazo: About a year ago i signed up for the first local tournament organized by "Heros of the Hearth". Here i got really intrigued by the whole community and tournament scene. I then started to hit legend on a regular basis about 4 months ago and began to think of Hearthstone as a game that could be analyzed in many aspects. Now i think i`m ready to begin proving my increasing skills for the game.

Dvck: I have always wanted to make a career out of gaming, whether it would be as a pro player, commentator, coach, analyst or streamer. When i started playing again in August, i climbed to Legend surprisingly fast (i had only reached Legend once before that), and i was able to consistently maintain a high ladder rank. I am very eager to continue improving and become even better, and i am very grateful for Wicked Gaming giving me the opportunnity to take Hearthstone to the next level!

3/ What have been your greatest result so far

Yukazo: My greatest result so far.. Hmm, i really haven`t played competitive Hearthstone for that long, but i managed to finish in the Top 8 HOTH`s unofficial danish Hearthstone Championship. When it comes to ladder I´ve finished legend the last 4 months without hitting a top 1000 placement, this month is the first time I`ve been as high as rank 500

Dvck: My highest ladder position has been #6 Legend, but I`m not satisfied before i hit #1 Legend. I have only attended a single Lan event, GGW, so far where i finished in Top 4.

4/ Now you have a"partner" at WG to train with, can this improve your game

Yukazo: The fact that i now have an organization to back me and a really valuable teammate can really help me improve my game. I can compete in way more tournaments and the experience will definitely gain me some experience as well ;) I certainly expect a lot of myself this year and my first goal is to finish in top 1000 EU, which should happen during the next couple of months. From there i will set my next goal higher and higher each time i reach my previous goal. I will try and focus on the tournaments though and my ladder game could shuffer a bit from me testing tournaments decks.

Dvck: Definitely! It`s very valuable to get input from other people, and look at the game from a new perspective. Lukas is also very creative and not afraid to try out new things, so I´m confident we`ll figure something out that can give us an advantage in the upcoming events. Having a teammate also gives you the opportunity to practice more effectively, as you can more easily improve on a specific match-up.

5/ Copenhagen Games will be our next event, what is the expectation for this Hearthstone tournament 

Yukazo: When it comes to Copenhagen Games i have high expectations and my goal will first of all be to advance in Top 8, where the prizepool starts. I think the last weeks meta changes has challenged the line-up I expected to bring, but besides that i feel confident that "Dvck" and i will support each other to victory.

Dvck: I am aiming hard to win the event, and i will not be satisfied unless I place Top 3. At the last event I placed 4th, so i really want to get an even better result this time. There will be a lot of good players, with more experience attending, so it`s definitely going to be hard to win. Yukazo and i will keep preparing for the event, so i still think our chances are pretty good.

It will definitely be interesting to follow "Yukazo" and "Dvck" at Copenhagen Games, could it become a Victory for Wicked Gaming, time will tell!

We are looking forward to give you a lot more stuff from both players in the future, this is going to be one hell of a ride ;)

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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