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Wed 31st Jan 2018 - 6:26pm Wicked Gaming Sponsors

New Main Sponsor!

For the first time ever at new sponsor will take over as our main sponsor at Wicked Gaming, it`s a sponsor who have been with us for some time and now have chosen to bet even more into Wicked Gaming. We are happy to welcome our new main sponsor: NordicBet

NordicBet have been with us for more then one year, so NordicBet already knows how we are working on the inside and they can see the progress we are doing, at the same time we have been very happy with our cooperation with NordicBet, so it`s the perfect partnership for the future!

(Wicked Gaming CSGO squad in the new jersey with NordicBet)

We will together with NordicBet be looking forward for a great cooperation and continue to build on making Wicked Gaming a bigger eSport organisation! We have had some great succes with FIFA but we will in the future also put more focus on the other teams, so we can`t wait to follow the teams to grow aswell as the FIFA team at Wicked Gaming and hopefully with time we will see them shine. 

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A BIG welcome to NordicBet

#BeNordicBet #BePartnership #BeWicked


CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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