GGW 1 & 2 Place winners

Sat 20th Jan 2018 - 6:20pm Wicked Gaming Gaming FIFA

First FIFA tournament of the this year 2018 was held last weekend and what a outcome!

Wicked Gaming was represented with 3 players ( Alen "Arrow - Tamer "Taser" - Jakob "Kragelund") and they where all more then ready to get a good start on 2018. The tournament GGW (Geek`s Gone Wild) had 99 players in the tournament with some big name`s, so no walkover here for anybody.

Both Taser and Alen where looking very strong this day, Taser won against players like Rolandsen, Shoppen and even our old teammate and now number 1 on the Danish leaderboard Rævehjorten. But only one player could beat Taser on this day and that was his own teammate Alen "Arrow".

(Alen "Arrow and Tamer "Taser" playing the final at GGW)

Unfortunately for Taser it was in the final he got stopped, but at least it was to his teammate so we still could win the tournament. We are very excited that we got both 1 and 2 Place at this tournament, so a great beginning on 2018, we can only hope for more to come!

(Alen "Arrow" with his 1. Place victory: 10.000,- DKK)

With this good start and the great quality in our FIFA squad, we believe there is more to come from the boys! We can`t wait for the next big tournament!


CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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