First 6 months of 2017 have giving us a lot of FIFA success

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The 6 biggest victory`s for Wicked Gaming 2017

1. Place - Danske Bank FIFA Cup - Alen "Arrow" Barakovic and 2. Place in Danske Bank FIFA Cup 2v2

 2016 was a great FIFA year and we did not believe that it could continue on the same level in 2017 - we where wrong.. 

The first offline tournament in 2017 was "Danske Bank FIFA Cup" and we where looking forward to see if we could continue our great run. We where well represented and we where hoping for a win from one of our top players, but as unexpected as things can be, it was our talent: Alen "Arrow" Barakovic who won the tournament! Alen played on our Academy in 2016 and we just promoted him to play for the first team and what a debut he made! Alen won he`s biggest tournament ever and gave Wicked Gaming the first victory in 2017! 

After the 1v1 tournament, there was "Danske Bank FIFA Cup 2v2" - Well, Alen was not finished, he came all the way to the final with his partner but unfortunately they lost. But with a victory in 1v1 and 2nd place in 2v2 it is easy to say that Alen made a name of himself this day! Welcome to the BIG league Alen!

 (Picture By Sporst-Gaming.DK)

 1. Place Elgiganten #1 2017 - Lars "PrimeTurbo" Korreborg

This tournament was a very important victory for Lars "PrimeTurbo" Korreborg, it had been a while since Lars last won a tournament and it was clearly to see how much it meant to him when the final was over! Lars is a player with a lot of quality and a player who always comes far in tournaments, so this victory was a big relief for him to show, that he still is the top player that everybody knows that he is! 

(Picture by

1. Place Waoo Super Sunday #1 - Fatih "Üstün" Üstün - 2. Place and Alen "Arrow" - 3. Place Nicklas "Niller" 

The first "Waoo Super Sunday #1" tournament was ready but most of the top players can`t play in the Waoo Super Sunday because they play in the Waoo League. So therefor it`s a tournament for all other players, who want to qualify for the Waoo League. We already had 3 players in the Waoo League, so now it was about to get more players qualified for that tournament and what a beginning we got this day. Our new Academy player Fatih "Üstün" Üstün went all the way and won he`s first tournament this day and Alen "Arrow" Barakovic took 2nd place and Nicklas "Niller" Stensgaard became number 3! Wicked Gaming took 1, 2 and 3 place so this was a great start on the Waoo tournament. We can tell after 4 Super Sunday`s we got Fatih Üstün" Üstün and Alen "Arrow" Barakovic qualified for season 2 in the Waoo League!

1. Place Copenhagen Games 2017 - Mikkel "RæveHjorthen" Bach

Copenhagen Games - The Biggest event in Denmark where there is a lot of prestige to get from winning this tournament. Participants to this tournament comes from many countries like Sweeden - Norway - Russia and so on and of course all the Elite from Denmark show up. Mikkel "RæveHjorthen" Bach had in the past many victory`s in 2v2 with his partner Malthe "KontraDøge", but was still missing out a big 1v1 victory. Mikkels improved a lot in 1v1 tournaments the last couple of months but no one expected that he actually would win Copenhagen Games - He did and he is now considered one of the best FIFA players in Denmark.

2x FIFA 17 Cruise Lars "PrimeTurbo" Korreborg 

Every year DFDS has a trip from Denmark to Norway (Oslo), where their are 2 FIFA tournaments each with a giftcard for travel with a value of 10.000,- DKK. Lars "PrimeTurbo" Korreborg obviously likes to travel since he won both tournaments. It`s not the biggest names who are competing in these tournaments, but more and more people are joining the Cruise for every year that goes, so the competition is also growing.

1. Place Elgiganten FIFA tour #2 - Nicklas "Niller" Stensgaard

Nicklas "Niller" Stensgaard got 3rd place in the Danish Championsship 2015 , he have been playing ESWC in 2016 (Top 32) and made Top 4 at DreamHack Winter also in 2016. But he have been missing out a big victory and finally it came to him at "Elgiganten FIFA tour #2". It was a well earned victory for he`s hard work and a fantastic way to end the first 6 months of competition for Wicked Gaming! 

 Overview of all our FIFA rankings halfway through 2017:

  • 1. Place Danske Bank FIFA Cup - Alen "Arrow" Barakovic
  • 2. Place Danske Bank FIFA Cup 2v2 - Alen "Arrow" Barakovic
  • 1. Place CG-Lan 2v2 Mikkel "Rævehjorthen" and Malthe "KontraDørge"
  • 1. Place Elgiganten FIFA Tour #1 - Lars "PrimeTurbo" Korreborg
  • 1. Place Waoo Super Sunday #1 - Fatih "Üstün" Üstün
  • 2. Place Waoo Super Sunday #1 - Alen "Arrow" Barakovic
  • 3. Place Waoo Super Sunday #1 - Nicklas "Niller" Stensgaard
  • 1. Place Esbjerg 2v2 FIFA Cup - Jeppe "Ibsen" Ibsen
  • 1. Place Copenhagen Games - Mikkel "RæveHjorthen" Bach
  • 1. Place FIFA 17 Cruise Day 1 - Lars "PrimeTurbo" Korreborg
  • 1. Place FIFA 17 Cruise Day 2 - Lars "PrimeTurbo" Korreborg
  • 2. Place Waoo Super Sunday #2 - Fatih "Üstün" Üstün
  • 1. Place Elgiganten FIFA Tour #2 - Nicklas "Niller" Stensgaard


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CEO and Founder

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