FIFA at Copenhagen Games 2017

Wed 12th Apr 2017 - 5:03pm Wicked Gaming Gaming

We took a chat with Lars "PrimeTurbo" Korreborg about Wicked Gaming`s FIFA ambitions towards Copenahagen Games this week in easter.

Hi Lars, Copenhagen Games is this Friday, are you ready and have you been doing some practice to refined the last things before the tournament?

I haven`t really, simply because i find it hard to find opponents who can challenge me enough. There are many who can, but all are focusing on FUT Champions, which i don`t, and when i have time , i have a hard time finding suitable opponents, but i know some few to play, so hope to refine the last things..

You look strong, you won Aalborg Open last months, can you do it again on Friday?

I can, but everyone can. I don`t think i`m the best player in the tournament, not even close, but if i`m playing well and have a good tournament, then i will. But it`s hard without support, so i hope to have all the needed suport from my teammates.

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Now you mention your teammates, Arrow and Üstün also won each a tournament this year, actually Wicked Gaming won 3 in a row: Arrow, You and Üstün, can we continue this run at Copenhagen Games?

 I hope so, but it`s difficult. It`s a tough tournament, so i hope we can do it again, and it would be wonderful achivement to win Copenhagen Games.

3 players (not from Wicked Gaming) who can win the tournament? 

Agge - Zimme - Hassan

Which of these players would be the worst to meet in a final?

Hassan would be the worst because of his style of play, which is impossible to cover. But i feel Agge is the Best player in the tournament, so he`s tough too.

A lot of Swedes players are coming over to join the tournament, will it be a Danish or Swedish victory?

I bet on it being Danish, but the Swedes are always good at CPH Games.

A favorit player from Sweden?


Any last words before tomorrow? 

Hope we win, but it`s going to be fun to see who ends on top

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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