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Sun 21st Aug 2016 - 6:33pm Wicked Gaming New Player Gaming FIFA

Here at Wicked Gaming we are very happy to introduce to you our latest FIFA Academy player, Mikkel "Uglen" Henriksen. Of course we had a talk with him about his move to Wicked Gaming and a little bit about who he is.

Hi Mikkel and welcome to Wicked Gaming Academy, we are happy to have you here and we are looking foward to see you represent Wicked Gaming in upcoming tournaments. How do you feel about this new step in your FIFA career

Thank you so much! I am very excited to be a part of this amazing team and i really appreciate the opportunity you have given me with this contract. I am sure that Wicked Gaming is the perfect team for me especially due to my young age to which i am positive that the Wicked Academy will contribute to my progress as a FIFA player and develop my game in a big way. Lastly i am very excited to get to know all of the players on the team who i already have a good bond with, however i am certain that this bond will grow, making Wicked not only a great place for FIFA players to become better but also a perfect place for making friends for life.

Right now i look forward  to play my first tournament in the Wicked Gaming shirt, thank you!

Let´s get to know you a little better, what are you doing when you don`t play FIFA

FIFA take up most of my time except school in which i am a 9th grader. Other than that i also like to hang out with my friends and my family. Some of my many interests and hobbies include Formula 1, cycling and football. To which my favorites are Lewis Hamilton, Chris Froome and Manchester United respectfully. However to me, FIFA and friendship go hand in hand and this is why i am so excited to be a part of Wicked Gaming 

If Manchester United is your favorit team, who is then your favorit player

I don`t really have a favorit player. I love Manchester Unted as a whole and everything that comes with that. But if i would have to choose, i would say a legend like Wayne Rooney, he is simply amazing

Do you have a favorit team and player in FIFA

My favorit team to play with in FIFA is definetely Real Madrid, part because it is an absolutely amazing team with a lot of great players and part because they have Cristiano Ronaldo who is my favorit player bar far

We also got some words from our FIFA Manager Lars "PrimeTurbo" about the new signing

I´m really excited to sign Mikkel "Uglen" Henriksen. He have a talent you can`t deny, and i`m looking forward to improve him. Some people might say it`s the wrong move for Mikkel, but i don`t agree. He wants to develop into a even better player, which he meant was here with us in Wicked Gaming. I signed Mikkel to take the pressure of Victor "Viggo" Hougaard and Alen "Arrow" Barakovic`s shoulders, so they can develop together. I would like to thank Sørby Esport to develop Mikkel and make him the person he is today. Sørby is doing a great job, and i think they are the most important team in DK for the future of our FIFA. They don`t think of themselves only, but wants to help others forward insted of eliminate their rivals chances, so big thanks to Sørby Esport, and we will continue your work on developing Mikkel.

We are very happy to have Mikkel on our team and we are looking forward for a long cooperation with him!

Welcome and #BeWicked

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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