Who is Alen "Arrow"??

Sun 14th Aug 2016 - 8:04pm Wicked Gaming FIFA

Who is Alen "Arrow" Barakovic??

Alen is Wicked Gaming`s latest member at the Wicked Gaming Academy. We noticed Alen after he played some good games at "Pricerunner Cup" (FIFA tournament), at this stage we thought that Alen had some big potential and with more training with our players we would be sure that he could improve a lot, so we chose to sign him, what a good idea!

Alen just got his best offline result ever at Aarhus Open with a 3. Place! We gave Alen some questions so we all can get a better view on who Alen is!

Congratulations with your best offline result ever, how does it feel

Thanks, It feels great, i played good yesterday! It was great!

Alen after his great performance at Aarhus Open and 3 Place

After your great result, should we expect more coming in the near future

I hope so. I am acpecting to participate in offline tournaments very soon again and i hope to play good. I am waiting to see if DM FIFA 16 (Danish Championsship) is going to be in September, it will be a very important tournament for me. I also look forward to Cult Cola tournament in Copenhagen in November 12, i hope to make some  good results again! 

But who is this Alen guy, how old are you and what are you doing in your freetime

I am just a young guy who loves football and Playstation. I am 13 years old, go to school and i am a big fan of  FC Baecelona. I am playing football in my freetime and lots of Playstation.

If FC Barcelona is your favorite team. then who is your favorite player

They are Messi and Neymar

At the Danish FIFA Championship which soon will come, there is more then 500 players, where do you see yourself in this tournament, how far can you go?

I will try to play good, i see myself in the top of this tournament, maybe in the top 30

We are looking forward to see Alen in action again, and let´s hope he can make it in the top 30 or maybe even better at the Danish Championship! We believe he will make some big results in the future!


CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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