Last day for Kragelund

Wed 30th May 2018 - 5:45pm General FIFA

Today is Jacob "Kragelund" last day in the Wicked Gaming jersey and what a guy he have been. Kragelund have been a awesome member of Wicked Gaming`s FIFA squad and have been a part of making FCN FIFA Bootcamp which was a great experience for all parties. Now it`s Kragelunds time to move on and get some new challenges and further develop his FIFA skills.

Many will maybe think what is going on at this point, why don`t we have so many FIFA players like we were used to, well it`s and easy answer. In the beginning and for a long time with had around 8 FIFA players (4 on first team and 4 on Academy), and at this point we were the team/ organization with most FIFA players. With time we found out that maybe it was to many players to have onboard, so when we said goodbye to some of our old players, we chose not to sign any new players. 

Today we have two FIFA players left: Frederik "Rom" and Tamer "Taser", this is the two guys we would like to work with in the future. The goal is now to have 2 or max 4 FIFA players, our main focus will be on two players but you never know if you suddenly see a great talentet player, that could contribute with something great to our FIFA squad.

But back to what it`s all about: Jacob Kragelund

(Jacob "Kragelund" with his FIFA partner Alen "Arrow")

We wish Kargelund all the best in the future and we are looking forward to meet with him again, both in real life but also on the virtiual pitch!


All the best to you friend! #BeWicked

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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