Bye Bye Fredberg

Wed 7th Sep 2016 - 7:35pm Gaming FIFA

Frederik "Fredberg" Søndergaård and Wicked Gaming will go separate ways! 

We had a great time with Fredberg while he was a member of our FIFA squad, it have been a pure pleasure to have him on our team, but now it`s time for Fredberg to try something new and we wishes him all the best! But on he`s way out to the big world, we can say that Fredberg is a true teamplayer with a BIG heart, so it will be a gain for every team out their with Fredberg in their squad!

We Love you and go get them Tiger!

#BeFredberg #BeForever #BeWicked


Daniel "Dingo" with he`s former teammate Frederik "Fredberg!

Insted of going out to find a new player to replace Frederik "Fredberg", we will move a Academy player up to the first team! That`s also the point of being a Academy player at Wicked Gaming, to be closer to the first team and to have a bigger possibility to join the first team insted of we would take a player in from the outside 

But who will be the new first team member?? We still don`t know! Who do you think it should be..

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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