Tamer Wins Grand Slam

Sat 22nd Dec 2018 - 7:14pm FIFA Gaming Wicked Gaming

Tamer Taser had qualified for the "Elgiganten Grand Slam" FIFA tournament for 8 players only! All 8 had qualifed for this special tournament and the winner whould get 25.000,- DKK!

Tamer had some good games and came fast to the final with 2 victory`s. The final opponent was Anders Vejgaard, a young kid at age 12 with a huge talent! He is a upcoming star! This young kid got a great beginning in the final match with a lead on 0-2. At this time it all look pretty bad for Tamer because Anders was looking very strong.

Tamer was aware that he needed to make som changes if he should make a comeback in this match, so Tamer made a new and more offensive tactic that right away gave him more control of the game. Tamer made 2 goals in the second half and the game came to 90 min with no further goals. Extra time was on! 

Tamer Taser scorede to 3-2 and after this goal Anders was shaken, after being infront with 2 goals and now being behind 3-2 in extra time, he had all the pressure.. Tamer took home the score 3-2 and could now call himself the Grand Slam Champion and 25.000,- to take home! 

This is Tamer Taser biggest win so far! 

Congratulations Tamer! Well Done!

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CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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