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Tue 1st May 2018 - 12:20pm FIFA Wicked Gaming

Alen "Arrow" Barakovic came as a young talent and startet on our FIFA Academy, where he fast developed his game and became a even better FIFA player on a very short period.  After a small year Arrow moved up to the first team, where he fast became a profile player. Arrow have improved so much that he allready is knocking on the door to the Top 10 players in DK - I believe that  he will be a Top 10 player in DK before 2018 is over! Just wait and see!

Arrow winning First Place and 10.000,- DKK 

Arrow have allready won a lot of tournaments and with a age of only 15 he has a brigt future! The time has also come for Arrow to challenge himself even more to become even better. Arrow almost have his future in place and therefor we wishes him all the best in the future!

We will miss you and we hope we one day will reunited!

#BeArrow #BeWicked 

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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