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Tue 9th Aug 2016 - 1:45pm FIFA

Cult Cola Aarhus Open is right around the corner and therefore we had a chat with our FIFA Manager/Player Lars "PrimeTurbo" Korreborg where we gave him some questions.

What do you think about the top 16 seed that made for the upcoming tournament, where we have two Academy players coming in at seed 16 (Nicklas "Niller" Stensgaard) and seed 13 (Malthe "KontraDørge" Dørge) to win the tournament?

I think that the seednings shows how many good players we have on our Academy, and i`m happy for their performances. I know they both want to do it much better, i can feel that they want to improve, and i know they both can. We also have two new players in the Academy, who still has to settle in our team, but we are starting to coach every single player in the squad, so we are looking forward to improve even more in the future.


Mikkel "RæveHjorthen" Hjorth playing against friend and teammate Malthe "KontraDørge" Dørge in the "Pricerunner Junior" Final earlier this year (3-2 to Mikkel)

We also have all 4 first team players seed in Top 10 to win! We see Fredrik "Fredberg" coming in at number 10, yourself as number 4, then we have Mikkel "RæveHjorthen" on 3 place and last we have Daniel "Dingo" on 2 place, what is your view on this. 

 I think that we deserved it, we have all performed through out the year, and i expect it to continue, but it`s difficult. One year ago, no one thought that was possible in top 10 seeds as a completely new team, but our scouting was correct, and i`m happy that we signed Mikkel, Malthe and Nikclas afterwards, because they helped us improve even more, and now we have settled in our positions, and our work with the Academy players starts for real now, and especially for the two new ones Victor and Alen. I expect everyone to keep developing in FIFA 17, and i expect every player to work harder for reaching their target. I love to see us have 4 players in top 10, but my goal is to get even more players in top 16, and if we work hard, then i know it`s possible.


Last Open was "Odense Open" where we got 1-2-3-4 place, it was crazy, but will we ever see something like this happen again

In a realistic point of view, no, but i have always used the sentence "Never say never", but it does seems unlikely with the level of danish FIFA. The question is, are we really that good as we have showed the last 6 months. The next 6 months will show that, but i`m confident that the players and myself are going to compete for every title we can. It was a crazy tournamen in Odense, and i will never forget that, i don`t think anyone will, that was an amazing display from my teammates, and i can`t wait to see them play again on Saturday!


Picture from Odense Open where Wicked Gaming had great success. From the left: Nicklas "Niller", Lars "PrimeTurbo", Fredrik "Fredberg", Daniel "Dingo", Mikkel "RæveHjorten" and Malthe "KontraDørge"


Thanks to Lars for his time, and now let`s look forward for the upcomning tournament on Saturday with Aarhus Open!



CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder

David M.Rasmussen

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