Wicked Gaming was born of a great interest for E-Sport. Just the idea to combine gaming with high-level competition, is a very exciting opportunity to be a part of! We believe that E-Sport is the future of the entertainment business with such things as games, live competitions, social media and so on. Therefore, it was time to get started on this great project!


Our organization is based in Denmark, and in the beginning will primarily consist of Danish players. This is because we believe that it will give us much more stability and better communication around the team, before we move further into the field of greater competitions.


But most importantly to us, we want our organization to be like a family! We will be honest and take care of our staff and players! To make sure that they are happy and that they can focus on the thing that they do best: gaming! That way, we can grow bigger and stronger together!


We would like to become one of the largest organizations in E-Sport! "But it takes time and hard work" ;)


That is Wicked Gaming’s Dream and Mission!     


/David M. Rasmussen, CEO October 2015